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Fussy, cynical, and obsessed with self-development, Tess has a liking for all sports and has recently gained an interest in CrossFit. Within a week of signing up for a gym membership, she has already bought several sporting gear and activewear. However, despite all these things her greatest disadvantages include short stamina and her habit of bluffing. She is also a little inflexible making her sensitive to incorrect techniques when it comes to sports. Her goal is to get 100 million YouTube followers!!! Although she looks strong on the outside, she has a girl’s heart with her unexpected charm of being a stationary maniac!


The naive, freewheeling Toss doesn’t think much about things. However, she is very talented in sports that involve using her legs. Cycling, snowboarding, and soccer are just some of the sports that she is especially good at. She is also surprisingly good at sports that she plays for the first time. She also has a strange habit of collecting socks and loves bragging about them to her friends. Her main goal is to participate in the monster sock competition so she
can leave behind meaningful records.


Teron is the timidest out of the three. She likes to think of herself as the most girlish and loves posting pictures of her friends on SNS. She has a narcissistic personality and always puts her face behind her friends when taking a photo.
She is also very interested in cooking. She especially likes sauces, Coffees, and beers that are not wildly known. She used to only have 2 followers but she has recently made another account for herself so now she has 3.

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