Blood Bagos

An action game where you can experience the colorful action of three kinds of unique Machiknights and weapons changing in real time.!

  • 페이스 북 - 블랙 서클
  • 인스 타 그램 - 블랙 서클
  • 유튜브 - 블랙 서클

Machiknights: Blood Bagos Acts

" Let's go on a long journey. "

" Into the Forest of Fire "

" Somewhere on a Glacier "

" Bargos Finally Appears"

Global Launch Completed May 9 . 2019

Machiknights: Blood Bagos Game Trailer

Machiknights: Blood Bagos Game Toturial

Global launch scheduled for July 2019

coming soon

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  • 페이스 북 - 흰색 원
  • 인스 타 그램 - 흰색 원
  • 유튜브 - 흰색 원


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